Safety Signs

LED Pros locally produces and supplies, right here in Edmonton, Alberta, what are known as safety signs. Safety signs mainly comprise of various types of signage that focus on keeping the public safe on and around roads. There are several different types that we offer, each one with their own purpose. Furthermore, we believe we can offer a more cost-effective option for your traffic safety needs with our safety signs.

Trailer Message BoardsTrailer Message Boards

Trailer message boards are a safety sign that use LED digital message boards to warn road users of various dangers that may be coming up on the road ahead and/or what precautionary measures need to be taken. You can easily transport them around to each site by using the trailer hitch. Additionally, they utilize solar power (the most common) or generators, depending on your requirements. You can choose from various screen resolutions and choose from different methods on how to control the message board. As well, truck-mounted message boards are also available.

LED Arrow Boards

LED Arrowboards

LED arrow boards are the most effective safety sign for diverting traffic as they display a clear signal of where traffic safety operators would like traffic to flow. They mainly display a flashing arrow for diverting traffic either to the right or to the left. Furthermore, arrow boards can either be trailer-mounted or truck-mounted. The truck-mounted arrow boards are powered by the vehicle’s 12V battery, while the trailer-mounted arrow boards are commonly powered by solar energy.

Traffic Signs

Traffic Signs

Traffic signs are the most common safety signs. LED Pros specializes in making traffic signs with LED lights or sign inserts. Although, we can also manufacture static traffic signs as well. Choose from various colours, materials, finishes, sign options and more. Therefore, let us know your ideas and we will do our best to guide you as to what is legal and feasible.

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