Pylon Signs

LED Pros can locally produce, right here in Edmonton, Alberta, what are known as pylon signs. Pylon signs are signs that are generally freestanding signs that incorporate different types of signage in one structure. Furthermore, this can include incorporating LED digital signs with sign inserts and channel letters, all in one structure. LED Pros focuses on the design of pylon signs to match the branding of your existing signs and meet the branding requirements to keep your branding consistent and attract as many customers for your business as possible.

Main Types

Property Pylon Signs

These type of pylon signs are usually tall and feature the ability to advertise not only the property or mall name, but also the businesses that are located within the complex. Accordingly, property signs allow for customers to readily know exactly which stores are located within the complex.


Monument Pylon Signs

Monument signs are a type of pylon sign typically welcomes onlookers into the area that is often head corporate company office grounds or a municipality, and sometimes even gives information about the area, town or city. Consequently, the branding of the locale is highly apparent in these types of signs and can include many different materials built on the sign like stone veneers, brick and wooded frames.


Gas Station Pylon Signs

You can see these types of pylon signs at almost any gas station. Usually they feature digital number signs to display the price of different types of fuel offered at the gas station, making it easier for the gas station to keep the prices up to date.


Directional Pylon Signs

These signs give directions for how to find different amenities or other locations within a municipality, park and other types of grounds. Additionally, directional signs typically feature arrows pointing users to the various locations. They can even feature maps or digital wayfinding screens.


You can also download a copy of our Guide to Pylon Sign here: LED Pros – Guide to Pylon Signs.

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