Billboard Signs

LED Pros can locally produce, right here in Edmonton, Alberta, what are known as billboard signs. Billboard signs are the giant in the room when it comes to signs. Therefore, they are the most eye catching signs and can drive more sales than any other type of sign. Billboard signs have a variety of options. We understand billboards can be a large investment for any company, that is why we offer to help you every step of the way. Consequently, from creating the design to getting the permits and all the way to installing and maintaining the sign, we are here to help.


Static Billboards

As the name suggests, these types of billboards have a static image. They are normally rolled on using a liquid adhesive. The benefit of these types of signs is they are cheaper to construct. However, they only allow for one image to be displayed at a time and are labour intensive to change the image being displayed.


LED Digital Billboards

LED digital billboards are the future of billboard signs. However, they may be more expensive to build initially. Nonetheless, they are more cost-effective in the long run. Here are the reasons why: you can instantly change images on the sign with no labour, you can display as many ads as you want and you can gain revenue by selling ad space.




The most common type of billboard is mounted onto poles. This makes it easier for the sign to be installed almost anywhere. The most popular location includes the sides of major highways, especially when nearing urban municipal limits.



The other most common type is the wall-mounted billboard. Therefore, these types are great for inner-city advertising as they are placed directly onto buildings and have the ability of catching the eye of both road users and pedestrians.


Other Types


Taken from the name, these types of billboards allow for greater visibility at various angles. As well, they feature double-sided and even triple-sided options. Consequently, your sign will be seen by all, no matter what position they are seeing the sign from.


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