LED Pros can locally produce, right here in Edmonton, Alberta, what are known as signboards. Signboards are like smaller billboard signs that have four legs and are placed on the ground. They are usually placed on road sides and can easily attract customers due to their stopping power. Furthermore, they are one of the most convenient signs. This is because they are easily moved around and can be single-sided or double-sided. Finally, these signs are mostly rented out to the local municipalities or local businesses at a monthly rate. But why not own yours for the price of a few months rent?

Signboard Types

Graphic Signboards

Graphic signboards incorporate a large graphic on the sign. This is made up of one large printed sticker or printed insert. These types are great for attracting customers but are limited to one sign being displayed and are most costly to change.Graphic Signboards

Mini Insert Signboards

Signboards with mini inserts are very versatile as they allow the user to easily change the message with the mini inserts. Consequently, this allows for easy switching of the message, but does not allow for the same branding effect as the other signboards.Mini Insert Signboards

Digital Insert Signboards

Placing a digital insert to the sign allows for the most effective updating of any other signboard, since updating can be done through mobile app or computer software remotely, and in real time with minimal effort. Additionally, digital inserts are mostly placed of the top of the sign to allow for maximum visibility.

Digital Insert Signboards

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