Programmable LED Signs

LED Pros can locally supply, right here in Edmonton, Alberta, what are known as programmable LED signs. Programmable LEsigns are great for personalizing how you want your business or venue advertised. Additionally, you can customize messages to attract and increase sales. Made for outdoor or indoor use, they can be programmed with a multitude of messages/symbols and light sequences. Each programmable LED sign comes with its own software that we show you how to use. In this way when you want to program a different message you can do it by yourself very easily. Instead of the classic “Open/Closed” message, why not display your current deals or even something as simple as your store hours? 3 Color programmable LED sign


You can literally program these LED signs to state ANY message or image that you want. Good examples of messages to program these signs with would be “OPEN” statements, any “SPECIALS” that you may have, anything specific to YOUR business, phone numbers, addresses, or other locations and special services. When it comes to a sign, the  BIGGER the better. The human eye is automatically attracted to bright sources of light. Most of the time people are driving so they only have enough time to take a quick glance. With a glance there is not a lot of time to focus on smaller wording. Consequently, with a bigger sign, it makes it easier for the brain to decipher the statement and get an understanding of what is being stated.Programmable LED signs


Each Programmable LED sign that we sell comes with its own software. Furthermore, regardless of the software, we still take the time to teach you the basics of how to get started with modifying the programming on your programmable LED  signage. Using this software, you can change the size of the font, the type of font, and add animations and borders. Also, there are small features like adding the time of day, the date, and a timer switch. A timer switch can be used to display different statements at different times of the day.

Get a better idea of what they are by checking out our Guide to Programmable LED Signs below:

You can also download a copy here: Led Pros – Guide to Programmable LED Signs

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