LED Pros offers a multitude of options for lighting and signage products for the Edmonton, Alberta market and beyond. We specialize in the LED signs and LED lighting. Our main products include: Channel Letters, Programmable LED Signs, Billboard Signs, Pylon Signs, Signboards, LED Lighting and LED Parts.

Start by using our easy to follow steps:

  1. Give us your ideas. Call us, email us or even come visit us in store.
  2. Provide us as much information as you can, including: your desired use for the product, branded documents (artwork, logo etc.), business information and pictures of where the desired product is to be installed.
  3. Let us know your budget and deadline.
  4. We will then provide you a quote within a 1-2 business days.

Why Choose our Products?

LED Pros

  1. Better Prices: we incorporate an almost complete vertical supply chain, meaning we cut out the middlemen and save for you the extra cost.
  2. More Choice: due to our manufacturing and sourcing capabilities we can create almost an sign imaginable.
  3. Friendlier Service: we don’t mind being smaller than many of our competitors, and this is why we can be more one-on-one with our customers.
  4. Faster Lead Times: being smaller also means we can focus more on each product to get it done faster.
  5. Newer Technology: we are always staying up-to-date on the newest technologies, whether it is smartphone apps controlling LED signs or better resolution screens, we aim to offer you the best technology on the market.

Product Examples:

Channel Letters:

Front Lit 
Halo Lit 
Front and Back Lit 
Metal Letters without illumination

We also carry indoor and outdoor  LED signs. Customizable programming allows for any message/symbol that you want to be displayed for all to see. These LEsigns come in a variety of sizes.


Interested in LED Signs?

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